We offer 4 Types of Chinese Language Courses as following :

Life — PinYin (拼音)

If you want to learn to speak Chinese,you should learn the initials ,the finals and the tones first.

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Life — Unit 1 Greetings

You will learn to use Chinese to exchange basic greetings; request a person’s last name and full name and provide your own,etc.

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Life — Unit 2 Family

You will learn to use Chinese to employ basic kinship terms; describe a family photo; ask about someone’s profession,etc.

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Business Chinese — Advanced

Excel in Chinese Better Chinese

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Native Chinese Tutors, mainland China:
Beijing , Shanghai & Qingdao !

Core Features

Learn Chinese Online, Live with Lus'Han !

Best & Native

Best Native Chinese Tutors from Beijing, Shanghai & Qingdao

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Standard Mandarin

With licensed Chinese Tutor in mainland China, you are guaranteed for speaking standard Mandarin with no accent

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Learn Chinese Quickly

The best way to learn Chinese Quickly in 160 Days!

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Low fees & High Valued

As low as $7 per 50-minute session!

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Very Flexible

Learn Chinese with Tutors of Lus’Han online, anywhere & anytime! Even on mobile & ipad.

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1-1 Personal Chinese Courses

Your 1-1 tutor always provides a plan tailored to your interests and preferred pace.

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