Who is Lus’Han?

Lus’Han is a online service provider, only for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Lus’Han is created by EduChinaLINK Group, which is the most famous Chinese Education Group for teaching& learning Chinese as a language live on the internet & study abroad in China.

Founded in 2007, EduChinaLINK Group created the most prominent brand "Lus’Han" ( www.Lus-Han.com) for learning Chinese online, with a unique teaching style of learning Chinese & Culture online and interacting with the largest number of real native certified Chinese tutors anytime & anywhere!

At the same time, EduChinaLINK developed the first platform in the world which is officially authorized by 500+ China’ top universities, providing 50,000+ Degree& Non-degree Courses for helping international students to Learn Chinese & to study in China’s Top Universities----SICAS (www.sicas.cn).

To date Lus’Han (EduChinaLINK Group) has conducted over 10 million classes in 200+ countries, and SICAS (EduChinaLINK Group) have helped 30,000+ international students to study in China’s 500+ universities!

EduChinaLINK Group is trying to be the world-class Education Group offering the best services for learning Chinese online & offline, and helping international students to study in china.

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Why are we called "Lus’Han" ?

"Lus" means "Country Lu", which is the "Confucius’ town", "The Origin of Chinese Culture".

"Country Lu" is the home town of "Confucius", who is the greatest educator in China’ 5000 years history and also the pioneer of Chinese language and culture. He was born in "Country Lu", and created the most famous masterpiece "The analects of Confucius" there. "Confucius Culture" is the core soul of Chinese Nation’s Culture!

Han" is a official way of saying Chinese Mandarin. China’s Ministry of Education names her official authority bureau as "Han Office" (Hanban) to organize HSK Test (Chinese Level Test) all over the world and to establish "Confucius Institutes" overseas.


Lus’Han = Country Lu’ Chinese Mandarin = Confucius’ Han= Confucius’ Chinese Mandarin = The authentic Origin of Chinese Mandarin & Culture.

Lus= "Country Lu" ="Confucius’ town"="The Origin of Chinese Culture"
Han= Chinese Mandarin.

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