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Daily Chinese

Eating in China, transportation in China, shopping in China, travel in China... No matter what aspects you want to learn about Chinese language, we can teach you! Our tutors will prepare suitable and useful material for you. You may start with elementary words and phrases, then advanced sentences. Soon, you will be fully prepared for the everyday basic necessities of life in China and speak Chinese loudly!

For example:

Where Can I Find...

This lesson will teach you basic phrases and vocabulary used in supermarket situations. For example, “shampoo”, “jacket”, “milk”. “smart phone”. This lesson also includes advanced sentence structure such as “Where can I find the milk.” Your live tutor will help you to practice these new phrases and sentences to let you master the most useful daily language in the shortest time.

Business Chinese

Different from traditional textbooks and teaching method, our material is almost updated daily. Tutors in Lus`Han will provide you common real-life business scenarios related to your careers. We use the current treads and events as teaching material.

For example:

Micro marketing

Since the using of smart phones and apps like “wechat”, “microblog”, Micro marketing become more and more popular business words. In this lesson, our tutor covers advanced vocabulary such as how to say “micro marketing”, “local markets” , “smart phones”, “wechat” in Chinese.

HSK Exams

We have many years of experience in helping students pass HSK exam(from Level 1 to Level 6.). Our experienced tutors will teach you from key vocabulary to test tips that will help you effectively answer each of the questions types.

We have plenty of sample questions and mock exams. Our tutor will make study plan according to your regular evaluation reports to ensure you succeed at your target level of the HSK exam.

Teens & Kids

Our Chinese courses are designed to cultivate children`s interest in learning Chinese and build a strong Chinese foundation. Our courses focus on systematic training in four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

For beginners, out tutors will start with basic topic such as self-introduction, colors, animals and so on. For advanced learners, basic sentence structure will be introduced through easy and fun structure.

What`s your favorite fruit?

In this lesson, we cover the basic sentence structure “what is your favorite...” in Chinese. This lesson will teach students daily used fruits like “orange”, “banana”, “cherry” through easy and fun interaction. Our tutor will also teach students to answer the questions, such as, “My favorite fruit is ...”.

With daily useful words, Luhan`s lessons are interesting and will help kid speak Chinese loudly.

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