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HSK 1-4 Baisc Package

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HSK1-4 Basic Package

Teaching Medium: English + Chinese
Certificate Awarded: By BRCIC- Belt Road Collaborative Innovative College
Entry Requirements: High School Graduate
Total Duration: 445 Class
Duration of each Class Hour: 45 Minutes
Starting Date: Anytime
Application Deadline: Open for Online Classes
Schools Offer the Classes: BRCIC- Belt Road Collaborative Innovative College

Program Description

Goal of Training

HSK PINYIN: Pinyin is a Romanized system of writing Chinese words, which can be very useful in the learning process. This course will help you learn all of the Initials, Finals, four Tones and other special rules of simplified Pinyin system. It’s a great tool to help you learn the accurate pronunciation of Mandarin words. HSK Junior: In this course, you will learn Chinese language points, more than 300 words and about 80 sentence patterns. After learning, you can have an excellent grasp of basic Chinese and you will be able to answer simple questions with short sentences on familiar topics. HSK 3 includes 135 lessons, covering 600 words and language points. After finishing this course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese at a basic level in your daily, academic and professional life and you can manage most communications in Chinese. HSK 4 is based on Textbook HSK Standard Course 4A and 4B. Textbook 4A and 4B each includes 10 lessons, covering about 300 words (half of the Level 4 vocabulary) and the detailed explanations of 50 language points and 10 groups of confusable phrases. HSK 4 Course will help you to improve your abilities in the application of everyday Chinese.

Time Distribution

You can customize the time distribution plan according to your current Chinese level. Suggested Time Distribution: students of preliminary Level may learn 2 or more lessons per day; students of intermediate level may learn 4 or more lessons per day; students of advanced level may learn 6 or more lessons per day.

About Us

Lus'Han is a online service provider, only for learning Mandarin Chinese,created by EduChinaLINK Group. Founded in 2007, EduChinaLINK Group created the most prominent brand "Lus'Han" (www.Lus-Han.com) for learning Chinese online. At the same time, developed the first platform in the world which is officially authorized by 500+ China's top universities for helping people to study in China's Top Universities----SICAS (www.sicas.cn). To date Lus'Han has conducted over 10 million classes in 200+ countries, and SICAS have helped 30,000+ international students to study in China's 500+ universities!

Our Contacts

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