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Course catalogue

One Level Two Level Three Level
HSKHSK-PinyinPart 1 Tone Mark
Part 2 Initial-1:bpmf
Part 3 Initial-2:dtnl
Part 4 Review
Part 5 Single Final
Part 6 Initial-4:gkh
Part 7 Initial-5:jqx
Part 8 Review
Part 9 Initial-6:zcs
Part 10 Initial-7:zhchsh
Part 11 Initial-8:r
Part 12 Review
Part 13 Compound Final-1
Part 14 Compound Final-2
Part 15 Compound Final-3
Part 16 Compound Final-4
Part 17 Review
Part 18 Front Nasal Final
Part 19 Back Nasal Final
Part 20 Review
HSK-JuniorPart 1 Hello
Part 2 Thank you
Part 3 What’s your name
Review 1
Part 4 She is my Chinese teacher
Part 5 Her daughter is 20 years old this year
Part 6 I can speak Chinese
Review 2
Part 7 What’s the date today
Part 8 I’d like some tea
Part 9 Where does your son work
Review 3
Part 10 Can I sit here
Part 11 What’s the time now
Part 12 What will the weather be like tomorrow
Review 4
Part 13 He is learning to cook Chinese food
Part 14 She has bought quite a few clothes
Part 15 I came here by air
Review 5
Part 1 September is the best time to visit Beijing
Part 16 Let me think about it and I’ll tell you later
Part 2 I get up at six every day
Part 3 The red one on the left is mine
Review 1
Part 4 He recommended me for this job
Part 5 Take this one
Part 6 Why don’t you eat more
Review 2
Part 7 Do you live far from your company
HSK-3Part-1 What's your plan for the weekend
Part-2 When will he come back
Part-3 There are plenty of drinks on the table
Part-4 She always smiles when talking
Part-5 I am getting fatter and fatter lately
Part-6 Why are they suddenly missing
Part-7 I’ve known her for five years
Part-8 I will go wherever you go
Part-9 She speaks Chinese as a native
Part-10 Math is much harder than history
Part-11 Don't forget to turn off the air conditioner
Part-12 Leave the important items with me
Part-13 I walked back
Part-14 Please bring the fruits here
Part-15 The rest of them are all OK
Part-16 I am so tired that I want to do nothing but sleep after work
Part-17 Everybody is able to cure your "disease"
Part-18 I believe they'll agree
Part-19 Didn't you recognize him
Part-20 I've been influenced by him
HSK-4Part 1 Simple Love
Part 2 A True Friend
Part 3 I've Made a Good Impression on the Manager
Part 4 Don't Be Anxious to Make Money
Part 5 Buy the Right, Not the Expensive
Part 6 The Higher the Price, the Better the Quality
Part 7 The Best Doctor is Yourself
Part 8 Beauty is Not Rare in Life
Part 9 The Sun will Shine Again After the Storm
Part 10 Standards of Happiness
Part 11 It’s Good to Read; Read Good Books and Like Reading
Part 12 Discover the World with Your Heart
Part 13 Drink Tea While Watching Beijing Opera
Part 14 Protect Our Mother Earth
Part 15 The Art of Educating Children
Part 16 Life Can Be Better
Part 17 Humans and Nature
Part 18 Science, Technology and the World
Part 19 Taste of Life
Part 20 The View along the Way
DailyApproaching Universities, Learning Chinese-Package ABRCIC- Belt Road Collaborative Innovative College
Shandong Jiaotong University
China Pharmaceutical University
Wenzhou University
Liaocheng University
Jilin Jianzhu university
China University of Petroleum(Huadong)
Wenzhou Medical University
Approaching Universities, Learning Chinese-Package BBRCIC- Belt Road Collaborative Innovative College
Tsinghua University & Peking University
Fudan University & Zhejiang University
China Pharmaceutical University & Shanghai University
Liaoning Shihua University & Northeast Normal University
Zhejiang University of Science and Technology & East China University of Science and Technology
Hangzhou Normal University & Huazhong Agricultural University
Beijing Forestry University & Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Nanjing University & Nanjing Normal University
Shandong Jiaotong University & Xi'an Jiaotong University
Liaoning University & Zhengzhou University
South China University of Technology & Harbin Institute of Technology
Jinzhou Medical University & Fujian Medical University
Lanzhou University & Shihezi University
China University of Political Science and Law & Renmin University
Approaching Universities, Learning Chinese-Package CXidian University & Tianjin University
Shandong University & Xiamen University
Nankai University & Southeast University
Yangtze University & Dalian Jiaotong University
China University of Mining and Technology & South China University
Dalian University of Technology & Sichuan University
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Qingdao University & Central University of Finance and Economics
Beijing Foreign Studies University & Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Wenzhou Medical University & Changchun University of Science and Technology
Southern Medical Unviersity & Guangxi University
Shanxi University of Finance and Economics & Shenyang University of Technology
Shenyang Jianzhu University & Hebei University of Technology
University of Chinese Academy & Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
Northwest University & Tongji University
Beijing Jiaotong University & Dalian Martime University
Approaching Universities, Learning Chinese-Package DSouth China Agricultural University & University of Science and Technology Beijing
Dalian Medical University & Southwest Jiaotong University
Beijing University of Technology & Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications & China University of Geosciences
Sun Yat-sen University & Shanghai International Studies University
Jinan University & South China Normal University
East China Normal University & Universtiy of Nottingham Ningbo China
University of Science and Technology of China & China University of Petroleum(East China)
Ocean University of China & Tianjin Medical University
Southwestern University & Beijing Language and Culture University
Wenzhou University
Communication University of China & China Agricultural University
Wuhan University & Wuhan University of Technology
Anhui University & LiaoCheng University & Jilin Jianzhu University
University of Intentional Business & Southwest University of Finance and Economics
Shenyang Aerospace University & Nanchang University & Shandong University of Science and Technology
TravelTourism of China
Attractive Villages in China
Traditional-CultureTraditional Chinese Culture overview
Traditional Chinese Festival---Spring Festival
Chinese Tea Culture
Twelve Chinese zodiac signs
Chinese-historyFirst Emperor of Qin
Emperor Wu
SportOlympic Games
NBA Kobe interview
NBA Kobe Muse
NBA PARK interview
NBA Giannis Antetokounmpo
Table Tennis (Ping Pong)
MovieLearning Chinese from action movie: Police Story
Learning Chinese from action movie: Let the Bullets Fly
Learning Chinese from action movie: Skiptrace
Learning Chinese from action movie: The Grandmaster
Learning Chinese from action movie: Ip Man 4: The Finale
Online-ShoppingOnline shopping
Little Red Book
Food Delivery App
Shopping online Live
FashionHair Beauty
Fashion Makeup
Makeup show
Learning Chinese from fashion movie: The Collection
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Learning Chinese from fashion movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Learning Chinese from fashion movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's
Fine-foodA Bite of China
Medical-ServiceSymptoms of illness and the first-aid medicine
Hospital Departments and Situation-based Language
Medical Check and Insurance
Traditional Chinese Medicine
TrafficConversation about taking vehicles
Airport Related Chinese Terms
Procedures of taking vehicles
Rent-an-apartmentRent an apartment
WeatherWeather related Chinese
Measure WordsMeasure Words
APPComputer Operating System and Common Apps
GreetingsCommen greetings and conversations
Social ChineseBusiness Interview
Learning Social Chinese from movie: Internship
Learning Social Chinese from movie: The Intern
Learning Social Chinese from movie: Go Lala Go
Learning Social Chinese from TV series: Elite lawyers
Learning Social Chinese from movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Learning Social Chinese from movie: Ocean's Eight
Administrative Officer
EntrepreneurshipManufacture Industry
Designers in China
Catering Industry
Educators in China
Service Industry
Driving licenseChinese driver's license application and examination rules
Chinese visa applicationChinese visa types and application requirements
LifeLife Series-Package AChapter 1 Tone Mark
Chapter 2 Initial-1:bpmf
Chapter 3 Initial-2:dtnl
Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5 Single Final
Chapter 6 Initial-4:gkh
Chapter 7 Initial-5:jqx
Chapter 8 Review
Chapter 9 Initial-6:zcs
Chapter 10 Initial-7:zhchsh
Chapter 11 Initial-8:r
Chapter 12 Review
Chapter 13 Compound Final-1
Chapter 14 Compound Final-2
Chapter 15 Compound Final-3
Chapter 16 Compound Final-4
Chapter 17 Review
Chapter 18 Front Nasal Final
Chapter 19 Back Nasal Final
Chapter 20 Review
Life Series-Package BPart 1 Greeting
Part 2 Family
Part 3 Dates & Time
Part 4 Hobbies
Part 5 Visiting Friends
Life Series-Package CPart 6 Making Appointment
Part 7 Studying Chinese
Part 8 School Life
Part 9 Shopping
Part 10 Weather
Middle Review & Expansion
Life Series-Package DPart 11Transportation
Part 12 Dining
Part 13 Asking Directions
Part 14 Birthday Party
Part 15 Seeing a Doctor
Part 16 Dating
Part 17 Renting an Apartment
Part 18 Sports
Part 19 Top 10 Topic
Life Series-Package EPart 20 Travel
Part 21 At the Airport
Part 22 Try on Clothes
Part 23 To Get a Disease
Part 24 Tea or Coffee
Part 25 The Measure Words
Part 26 Calligraphy
Part 27 Make an Appointment
Final Review & Expansion

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