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Meet Our Team

A+ tutors were born and grow up in China with true Chinese logic and cultural DNA, all of who are holders of IPA, TCSOL, Bachelor of Master Degree.

Famous Tutor Team

All Lus' Han tutors are from mainland Chinese, who were born in real Chinese families and grow up with the pure Chinese logic & culture DNA. Serving as Chinese consultants, our tutors are proficient in offering professional advice and methods to students. All of our consultants are well-educated, IPA, TCSOL, TCFL, Bachelor or Master Degree holders, and specialized in teaching Chinese in the university or at a university level.

Having completed the rigorous and professional training of Lus' Han, our students will become “ZhongGuo Tong” (“experienced China hand”) with the best learning experience.

Teaching Style

  • Only “Practice makes Perfect” for learning a language!

    Learning a language, no matter Chinese, English or any others, do need practice time to time with native speakers: Interaction with students for some topic in real talks is the way that we use most frequently.

    Speaking Chinese Loudly! Only “Practice makes Perfect”! The boring way of reciting words and articles will never help you grasp a language properly, but talking, chatting, discussing… in the language with a useful and interesting topic related to your background will really make sense!

  • 5A: Anytime, Anywhere, A+ Tutors, A+ Results, ASPUS!

    Yes! You are right! Learning a language could be anytime and anywhere! No fixed location, no fixed time, just make an appointment through “My Lus’Han Account”! Attend your Chinese Class at your convenient time and your favorite place. It could be lunch time, coffee time, or ….; it could be at home, at office, on the way, in the bed or…., it could be PC, Tablet, Mobile, or…

    Yes! You are right ! Learning result should be A+ with Advanced Level Tutors! Following a professionally certified, Advanced level and real native Chinese tutor are always much better than following a PC or a robot. Especially, when a A+Tutor teaches you with ASPUS system.

    Yes! You are right ! ASPUS (Automatic Study Plan Updating System) is the Safe-belt for your A+Results! ASPUS Big Data matches your age, profession, hobbies, backgrounds, and level etc.with the most suitable Study Plan and A+ Tutors to cast to your needs.

    ASPUS also ensures you study in a small class, guaranteeing 1-1 practicing time with your A+Tutors, analyzes on your Study Tests done after each class; updates your Study Plan time to time according to the Study Reports and identifies your strengths and tackles your weaknesses, so as to perfect your Chinese skills!

  • Touch the “Skin” and reach the “Soul”! Language + Culture

    Language is the skin, and culture is the soul! “Language speaking” help us to start a chat, + “Culture Understanding” help us to enjoy a real communication.

    We are proud that our tutors are all authentic mainland Chinese, IPA, TCSOL, TCFL, Bachelor or Master Degree holders, who were born in real Chinese family, grew up with the pure Chinese logic & culture DNA!

    “Lus’Han” means “The Origin of Chinese Mandarin & Culture!”(More).

    Believe or not? We’ll make you a “ZhongGuo Tong”, which means“a foreigner who understands the Chinese Culture more than a Chinese”!

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About Us

Lus'Han is a online service provider, only for learning Mandarin Chinese,created by EduChinaLINK Group. Founded in 2007, EduChinaLINK Group created the most prominent brand "Lus'Han" (www.Lus-Han.com) for learning Chinese online. At the same time, developed the first platform in the world which is officially authorized by 500+ China's top universities for helping people to study in China's Top Universities----SICAS (www.sicas.cn). To date Lus'Han has conducted over 10 million classes in 200+ countries, and SICAS have helped 30,000+ international students to study in China's 500+ universities!

Our Contacts

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