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Business Innovation and Cooperation Summer Camp

Let’s learn Chinese by knowing the most beautiful cities and resources of different cities and provinces of China

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Business Innovation and Cooperation Summer Camp

Teaching Medium: English + Chinese
Entry Requirements: High School Graduate
Total Duration: 27 Class
Duration of each Class Hour: 45 Minutes
Starting Date: Jul. 2021
Application Deadline: Jun 30,2021
Schools Offer the Classes: BRCIC- Belt Road Collaborative Innovative College

Program Description


With its advantages in Chinese teaching as a foreign language and talent cultivation as well as rich resources provided by Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation Center (BRCIC) in Qingdao, the Belt & Road Collaborative Innovation College offers the “Business Innovation and Cooperation Summer Camp for Young Chinese and Foreign Entrepreneurs” in response to the Belt and Road Initiative and the needs to obtain hands-on experience about China’s economic and commercial environment. The program aims to enable entrepreneurs to learn more about China’s economy, business culture and business practices, experience China’s business environment, and enhance their business practice in negotiating and communicating with Chinese enterprises through courses on business opportunities in China, marketing strategies, financing environment and channels, business model innovation and value creation, product innovation, new media and customer resource creation, as well as "face-to-face" exchanges between young Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs and visits to outstanding enterprises. At the same time, it will also help domestic enterprises to develop a team of talents who can effectively perceive and serve the international market, enhance the mutual understanding of multiple cultures between China and foreign countries, and expand international vision.

Core values

The program is taught in English, with Chinese and foreign students studying, communicating and visiting together. By having classes taught on the cutting-edge trends in China’s economic, financial and business fields, students can experience the dynamics of China's economic development; through lectures given by university professors and outstanding entrepreneurs, students can experience the path of China’s enterprise innovation and development. Hands-on visits to top innovative companies help students gain a real understanding of China’s enterprise operations and development; and face-to-face brainstorming and exchanges between Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs enable students to jointly develop their horizons and expand their innovative fields. The program not only helps international students understand China’s business environment and business strategies in a short period of time, but also provides a good opportunity to expand contacts with China, establish cooperation and discover business opportunities. It also serves as a valuable opportunity for Chinese enterprises to expand their horizons, find international partners and enter the international market, thus ultimately creating a win-win situation for cooperation between China and foreign countries.


a) Finding cooperation opportunities by visiting 18 Chinese companies to experience the Chinese market in person.
b) Having discussions with a team of four of the world’s top international academicians who have founded high-tech enterprises in China in the fields of new energy and new materials, intelligent manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals and the next generation information technology.
c) Having lectures given by famous professors and outstanding entrepreneurs.
d) Enjoying the exclusive resources from BRCIC’s “mini-United Nations”.
e) Exchanging ideas with ambassadors in China and international political leaders.

About Us

Lus'Han is a online service provider, only for learning Mandarin Chinese,created by EduChinaLINK Group. Founded in 2007, EduChinaLINK Group created the most prominent brand "Lus'Han" (www.Lus-Han.com) for learning Chinese online. At the same time, developed the first platform in the world which is officially authorized by 500+ China's top universities for helping people to study in China's Top Universities----SICAS (www.sicas.cn). To date Lus'Han has conducted over 10 million classes in 200+ countries, and SICAS have helped 30,000+ international students to study in China's 500+ universities!

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